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In the press-

E. Marchese, critic for Backstage West writes:
"It's the fine, versatile work of Howe that makes this Illusion so eminently watchable."

( Tony Kushner's The Illusion)

" Howe's portrayal is funny and poignant....
In the crowning scene, her monologue is a hoofkick to our gut." 
(The Eight: Reindeer Monologues)

"Howe's Darcy traces the most moving arc...she provides the staging's most touching moments"
(One Flea Spare) BSW Critic's Pick

Melinda Schupmann, critic for Backstage Westwrites:

"Everything about this pristine production is polished to perfection...the actors turn in flawless performances".
(Never in my Lifetime) BSW Critic's Pick

L.A Splash Magazine writes:

"Heather Howe delivers a sinister performance as Commandant Mandel who derives immense pleasure in exacting violent measures against anyone who comes across her path. She evokes the unflinching cruelty that was innate within all administrative personnel of the Reich." (World Premiere - Mala). Based on the true story of Mala Zimetbaum's escape from Auschwitz.


USA Today gives Web Series Red Scare  co-starring Heather Howe a huge yay! 
Wrapped short film, Minotaur, written and directed by Javier Grillo-Marxuach 
(LOST, Medium, Charlie's Angels, The Dead Zone writer/co-producer)

Heather co-stars in the psychological feature drama, Coyote Requiem, directed by Jason Lehel. Filmed in Mexico and through the American Southwest, Coyote Requiem is currently in post and will be due for release in 2015. For more press on the film and teaser trailer, click here.

Heather plays opposite C. Thomas Howell in the feature crime drama, Magic Hour, due for release in 2014. 

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